Distribution of your publication

Consider distribution when you plan your printed material—especially if the items will be mailed. If you wish to take advantage of bulk or nonprofit rates, U.S. Postal Service regulations may affect your decisions about paper, folds, ink, and finished sizes. Start by checking with Mailing Services about requirements for the type of mailing you wish to produce.

Dimensions of finished piece

U.S. Postal Service regulations specify the minimum and maximum sizes allowed in order for for mail pieces to receive discounts.

Paper weight

The weight of the paper on which your order is printed can make a difference in your costs. Lighter weight papers often have a high rate of damage when they are addressed, requiring that you begin with more printed pieces than you need. It might be more economical to choose heavier paper and print the exact quantity you need. On the other hand, using lighter paper with envelopes could be the best choice.

Tab, don’t staple

Your publication must be tabbed closed for mail discounts.

Update mailing lists

Outdated mailing lists with undeliverable addresses will cause you to lose your postal discount and can delay distribution.

Know your numbers

Print enough pieces for your entire mailing list. If you have to reprint the publication, delivery could be delayed. And, if your publication was printed on an offset press, you will have to pay all the fixed charges again (press preparation time, for example). Send a few extra pieces to allow for spoilage.

On the other hand, if you use the University’s bulk mail permit, print some pieces without the permit information if you plan to mail any of them individually. Items with a permit imprinted cannot be mailed singly, and the USPS can revoke the permit if violations occur.

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