Ordering tips

Plan ahead

Work with your customer service representative to find out how decisions about deadlines, paper, folds, ink, and finished size will affect your document's cost, turnaround, and distribution, particularly if it will be mailed. These decisions will determine whether you'll be able to take advantage of bulk or nonprofit rates. And you may be able to take advantage of our seasonal slowdown - usually mid-December through April. Our peak time extends from early June through October.

Confirmation of order

We send confirmation of your order to the person listed on the “deliver to” line on your requisition. Review it to make sure we have entered the correct information for your job, and keep it on file for reorders. If anyone else should receive a copy of the confirmation, add his or her name and address to the requisition.


You are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyrighted material. It is illegal to reproduce copyrighted material without permission of the copyright holder, and Printing Services staff may refuse to reproduce material if there is any question about violation of copyright law.


Specify to whom and where you want your order delivered. Use an individual’s name, building name, and room number. If you want us to deliver some of the order to you and some to another location, let us know. If your order is to be sent out by Mailing Services, be sure ask us to deliver it there—we are in the same building.


Contact your customer service representative for an estimate. We base estimates on the information you give us about quantity, number of pages, size of the finished piece, ink colors, paper, and folds, to name a few. If any of these change, the cost of the job can change.

Job number

Use the job number in the upper right corner of your confirmation sheet any time you ask about an order.


Let us know if you must have a specific quantity. We may need to print a few extras to compensate for production spoilage. Always check the number of names on your mailing list and use that as your minimum quantity when you order printing.


Order reprints before running out of existing stock. Send the most recently printed sample with your order.


When reprinting, send the most recently revised version of the publication as your sample.


Be accurate when you give us the specifications for your job (i.e., paper, ink color, quantity, number of pages, dimensions of finished piece). If any of them change, your cost and delivery date may change.


If you need your order by a certain date, tell us. Every effort is made to deliver every job when the customer wants it. However, if any specifications (quantity, number of pages, paper, etc.) change, the turnaround time for the order can change.

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