Prices: paper

The papers listed below are in stock and readily available. Prices are in addition to copying/printing rates. Special-order stock: charges are actual costs plus printing costs. For stocks not precut, charges are current price. Add sales tax, at current rate, to non-departmental personal purchases.


Text, 60-lb 2.5¢ ea.
Cover, 65-lb precut 4.5¢ ea.
(3-hole punch available)
2.5¢ ea.
White archival 5¢ ea.
White cotton 25% rag,
order at current price
White virgin stock 2¢ ea.
White UI Royal Silk, 24-lb 4.5¢ ea.
Text, all precut
60-lb 3¢ ea.
70-lb 3.5¢ ea.
80-lb 3.5¢ ea.
Cover, all precut
65-lb 4.5¢ ea.
80-lb 6¢ ea.
80-lb black 7¢ ea.


Astrobrights 3.5¢ ea.
Bond pastels 3¢ ea.
Text, all precut
60-lb 3.5¢ ea.
70-lb 4¢ ea.


Astrobrights, precut 3.5¢ ea.
Cover, white 65-lb 7¢ ea.
Text, all precut
60-lb 3.5¢ ea.
70-lb 4.5¢ ea.

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