Prices: miscellaneous services and stocks

Prices below are in addition to copying/printing rates. Add sales tax, at current rate, to non-departmental personal purchases.


Electronically printed on document 3¢ each
Printed on labels, 30-up current label price + 5¢ per sheet copying

CD burning

Without label $4
With label $5


Drilling 1.5¢ each
Handwork $1.22 per minute
Insert blank pages, selected stock current price
Reductions and enlargements, all sizes $1.22 per minute
Scanning originals for export to Adobe Acrobat PDF format 5¢ per page + $1.40 per PDF file saved
Tabs, 3-hole punched or unpunched, includes printing 75¢ each
Transparencies, clear, includes printing 75¢ each

UI Copy Centers
180 Boyd Law Building, 335-9138, fax 335-9984,, map
162 Mossman Building, 335-2699, fax 384-3707,, map
C102 Pappajohn Business Building, 335-0861, fax 353-2733,, map