Printing and Mailing Services authority

Printing and copying

The Iowa Board of Regents has designated Printing Services as the official purchasing agent for the University of Iowa’s printing. A Printing Services representative must approve all requests for printing and copying for the University. Most of it is performed in-house, and a bidding process governs any that is not. A Printing Services representative manages this process, termed Special Printing Orders.

Printing Services aims to manage each printing project with the best interests of the entire University as the primary goal. Its mission is to provide complete graphic support by developing cost-effective, graphically aesthetic, and timely printed material for the University community.


UI Mailing Services conducts the mailing operations for The University of Iowa. Its charge is to provide collection and distribution of interdepartmental mail; coordinate or deliver all incoming U.S. Postal Service mail; and process outgoing USPS mail and United Parcel Service packages.

More information

Iowa Board of Regents Policy Manual 7.10

The University of Iowa Operations Manual
V.11.22.d: Items which may not be purchased
V.23.1: Purchasing Officer (Printing Department)
VI.21.1: Printing Department
VI.5: Central Mailing Services

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