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Quadrangle Hall
see University Housing/Residence Halls
Quill and Scroll Society
100 Adler Journalism Bldg
Iowa City   IA   52242-2004


Radiation Protection Office
see Environmental Health and Safety
Radio Stations
379 Iowa Memorial Union
Iowa City   IA   52242-1317
see Iowa Public Radio
Radiology Research
100 Medical Laboratories Rm ____
Iowa City   IA   52242-1181
100 Medical Research Facility Rm ____
Iowa City   IA   52242-1183
Rape Victim Advocacy Program
332 S Linn
Iowa City   IA   52240-1605
Receiving Department
2222 Old Hwy 218 S
Iowa City   IA   52242-1602
Recording Studios
see Music Recording Studios
Recreation Education
see Health and Human Physiology
Recreational Services, Division of
100 CRWC Rm E230
Iowa City   IA   52242-2010
Regional Child Health Specialty Clinics
100 Hawkins Dr Rm 247 CDD
Iowa City   IA   52242-1011

1 Jessup Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1316
Rehabilitation and Counselor Education
338 Lindquist Center N
Iowa City   IA   52242-1529
Religious Studies
314 Gilmore Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1376
Research Dissemination Core
4118 Westlawn
Iowa City   IA   52242-1100
Research, Office of the Vice President for
2660 UCC
Iowa City   IA   52242-5500
Residence Life Education Program
see University Housing Administration
Residence Services
see University Housing
Rhetoric Department
171 English Philosophy Bldg
Iowa City   IA   52242-1486
Rienow Hall
see University Housing/Residence Halls
Risk Management
430 PCO
Iowa City   IA   52242-2500
Riverfest Spring Festival
260 Iowa Memorial Union
Iowa City   IA   52242-1317
Room scheduling
see Classroom scheduling or Event scheduling
see Aerospace Studies or Army Military Science
see Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures