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Macbride Nature Recreation Area
100 CRWC Rm E230
Iowa City   IA   52242-2010
Magnetic Resonance Research Facility
100 MERF Rm 169L
Iowa City   IA   52242-2600
also see Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility or UI Central Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
Mail, University
see Central Mail Services
Management and Organizations, Management Sciences, and Marketing
see Tippie College of Business
Mass Spectrometry
see High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Facility
Mathematics Department
14 MacLean Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1419
Mayflower Hall
see University Housing/Residence Halls
Mechanical Engineering
3131 Seamans Center
Iowa City   IA   52242-1527
Media Production, Center for
see University Communication and Marketing
Medical Audiovisual
see Classroom and Meeting Technologies
Medical Graphics
see See UI Hospitals and Clinics/Facilities Services
Medical Instrument Shop
200 Hawkins Dr Rm BT0018 B2
Iowa City   IA   52242-1009
Medical Scientist Training Program
2206 MERF
Iowa City   IA   52242-2600
Medical Technology Program
see UI Hospitals and Clinics/Clinical Lab Sciences Program

Medicine, College of
200 Medicine Admin Bldg
Iowa City   IA   52242-1101
Student Services
100 Medicine Admin Bldg
Iowa City   IA   52242-1101
Medieval Studies
210 Jefferson Bldg
Iowa City   IA   52242-1418
100 Bowen Science Bldg Rm 3-403
Iowa City   IA   52242-1109
Military Science
see Army Military Science (Army ROTC) or Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)
Molecular and Cellular Biology Program
357 Medical Research Center
Iowa City   IA   52242-1182
Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
100 Bowen Science Bldg Rm 5-660
Iowa City   IA   52242-1109
Motor Pool
see Fleet Services
Old Museum of Art
100 Old Museum of Art
Iowa City   IA   52242-1107
Museum of Natural History
10 Macbride Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1322
Museum Studies
10 Macbride Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1322
Music, School of
see Performing Arts