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Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies
210 Jefferson Bldg
Iowa City   IA   52242-1418
General Counsel
120 Jessup Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1316
General Education in Literature Program
308 English Philosophy Bldg
Iowa City   IA   52242-1492
General Hospital
see University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
General Stores
2222 Old Hwy 218 S
Iowa City   IA   52242-1602
Genetics PhD Program
1178 Medical Laboratories
Iowa City   IA   52242-1181
316 Jessup Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1316
Geological Survey
see Iowa Geological and Water Survey
121 Trowbridge Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1379
Gerdin Athletic Learning Center
see Athletics

Geriatric education
see Iowa Geriatric Education Center
111 Phillips Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1323
Gifted Education, Belin-Blank Center for
600 Blank Honors Center
Iowa City   IA   52242-0454
Global Health Studies Program
see International Programs
Governmental Relations, Office of
105 Jessup Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1316
Graduate College
205 Gilmore Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1320
Graduate Inclusion, Office of
422 Gilmore Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1320
Graduate Program in Creative Writing (Writers' Workshop)
102 Dey House
Iowa City   IA   52242-1000
Graphics Unit
see University Communication and Marketing