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Early Childhood and Elementary Education
see Curriculum and Instruction
Economic Research Institute
see Tippie College of Business
Economics Department
see Tippie College of Business
Education, College of
459 Lindquist Center N
Iowa City   IA   52242-1529
Educational Administration
see Educational Policy and Leadership Studies
Educational Placement Office
see Teacher Leader Center
Educational Policy and Leadership Studies
491 Lindquist Center N
Iowa City   IA   52242-1529
Electrical and Computer Engineering
4016 Seamans Center
Iowa City   IA   52242-1595
Electron Spin Resonance Facility
68 Eckstein Medical Research Bldg
Iowa City   IA   52242-1101
Employee Assistance
see Human Resources/Faculty and Staff Services
435 Dental Science S
Iowa City   IA   52242-1001

Engineering, College of
3100 Seamans Center
Iowa City   IA   52242-1527
Career Services
3124 Seamans Center
Iowa City   IA   52242-1527
Design and Prototype Center
471 Seamans Center
Iowa City   IA   52242-1527
Electronic Shops
2018 Seamans Center
Iowa City   IA   52242-1527
English as a Second Language
1112 University Capitol Centre
Iowa City   IA   52242-5500
English Department
308 English Philosophy Bldg
Iowa City   IA   52242-1492
Entrepreneurship Learning Lab
322 N Clinton St
Iowa City   IA   52245
Environmental Health and Safety, formerly
Health Protection Office
100 EHS Bldg
Iowa City   IA   52242-1000
Environmental Sciences
121 Trowbridge Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1379
Equal Opportunity and Diversity, Office of
202 Jessup Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1316
Evaluation and Examination Service
300 Jefferson Bldg
Iowa City   IA   52242-1470
Event Scheduling, IMU Room Reservations
135 Iowa Memorial Union
Iowa City   IA   52242-1317

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