Frequently asked questions

How do I get my printed material mailed?

Contact Central Mailing Services to arrange for a mailing. You will have the best results if you do this as you plan your printing order. Your audience; quantity; size, shape, and weight of the mail piece; the type of information it contains; and the placement of the printig on it will determine your mailing’s classification. When you order printed material that will be distributed by Mailing Services, write it on your requisition. Printing Services will deliver it to the mail center, next door to the bindery, when it is finished.

Whom should I contact to plan the mailing?

Contact Bulk Mail if you want your mail pieces addressed or labeled, are planning a bulk mailing, plan to include a reply mail piece in your mailing, want to use a University mail permit, or need inserting or tabbing.

Contact Campus Mail if you intend to apply your own labels or if your audience is limited to the University community.

Contact Mail Metering if you need to have your mail metered for delivery by the U.S. Postal Service.

How much will a mailing cost?

Contact the mail center staff for an estimate on a specific project. Factors that can affect your postage rate are the size, shape, and weight of the mail piece; the inclusion of inserts; and the quantity to be mailed. Whether you use mail processing services such as addressing, collating, and folding will also affect the total cost.

How long will it take to process a mailing?

This is determined by how many mail pieces there are, whether they are compatible with the equipment used, and the time of month the mailing is ready. The first of each month is busy for Mailing Service and the U.S. Postal Service, because that is when much of their regular high-volume mail comes through.

Other factors that can affect delivery time are the classification of the mailing (First-Class is faster for mail going out of state), and the amount of time it takes to prepare and print the mail pieces. Contact us to plan your printing and mailing—well before you need your printed piece delivered.

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