Deans, Directors, Departmental Executive Officers listserv

UI Mailing Services administers the listserv for the University’s deans, directors, and departmental executive officers.

To send a message

E-mail your message to The message will be forwarded to the list of subscribers after it has been approved. You will NOT get a copy of your own message mailed back to you. If there’s a problem sending your message, you will receive an e-mail reporting any errors that occurred.

1. Complete the subject line of the email to help to avoid processing delays.

2. Always use the following format for the header—including the tabs and double spacing shown below. A text description of this image is provided on a separate page.

dddeo memo format

3. Do not use attachments. Post any additional information on the web and include a link to it in your message.

4. Messages sent to the listserv will show a reply to the person who e-mails the message - not the person listed on the “FROM” line in the header.

5. Do not include any information within the message that you don’t want others to see. The list manager cannot edit your message to delete information.

6. Remove your signature bar from the bottom of your e-mail before sending a message to the listserv. If you do not, it will be included at the bottom of the message that all subscribers receive.

To subscribe or unsubscribe

On the web, go to the Join or Leave the DDDEO-MEMO List form and follow the instructions. Or, via email, send your request to Leave the subject field blank. To subscribe, in the body of the message type: subscribe DDDEO-Memo. To unsubscribe, type: signoff DDDEO-Memo.

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