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Campus Mail

Suspension of service

The U.S. Postal Service has temporarily suspended all mail service to Libya.....

Sorting campus mail
Campus Mail picks up and delivers interdepartmental mail and U.S. Postal Service mail daily to every building and most departments on campus. We also process outgoing mail and parcels destined for the Postal Service. Departments that do not have FedEx or UPS pick-ups at their building may send out prepaid packages in Campus Mail. Campus Mail may be used only for University business. Personal correspondence should not be mailed to your campus address.


Address interdepartmental mail with your recipient’s name, department, room number, and a building name abbreviation. Separate campus mail from U.S. Postal Service mail and place both in your Campus Mail pickup location. Do not put campus mail in a U.S. Postal Service mailbox. If the item arrives on campus at all, it may come with a postage due charge.

Change of Address

If your department is moving, please notify UI Mailing Services as soon as you learn of your new location. Tell us your old and new locations, telephone number, and date of relocation. If you are moving as an individual, please update your address through the Employee Self-Service website, at


Correspondence and small items are acceptable; anything containing metal, glass, product samples, and chemicals may not be sent through Campus Mail.


Nonconfidential correspondence, postcards, newsletters, and announcements may be sent without an envelope. Address the item and place it in your outgoing Campus Mail location.

Use a Campus Mail envelope for loose pages. When addressing the envelopes, mark out the previous line and write your recipient’s name and campus address on the next line. Do not use lines left blank between previous addresses. Standard, three-column Campus Mail envelopes are available from General Stores. Plain white envelopes are fine, too, but print “CAMPUS MAIL” in the upper right corner and separate them from outgoing U.S. Mail. Confidential matter should be clearly marked “CONFIDENTIAL” on the envelope.

Mailing lists

It is your responsibility to prepare or obtain address lists for on-campus use. Be sure to record changes to keep your files current, and sort the addresses into building order.

Mail and parcels for off-campus delivery

Campus Mail will pick up mail and parcels to be metered and delivered to the Post Office. Be sure to attach your department’s mail-code card to each bundle using a rubber band or paper clip. Prepaid FedEx and UPS packages may be sent to Mailing Services through Campus Mail if your department does not have a shipping and receiving area.

UI Mailing Services
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