Permit mail

Permit 45

Mailing Services maintains this permit for sending regular and nonprofit bulk mail through the U.S. Postal Service. The permit may be used by any University department, provided the mailing meets the necessary requirements. They are:
  • The mailing is for a department and not for an organization or individual.
  • There must be a minimum of 200 identical pieces, or 50 pounds.
  • The mail piece must contain the department’s complete return address and “The University of Iowa” in the upper left-hand corner.
  • The permit imprint, or indicia, must be printed in upper right-hand corner, or space must be available to allow postage to be affixed to the mail piece.
  • Bulk mailings which are prelabeled must be in zip-code order and include a requisition that indicates specific mailing instructions, the department’s mail code number, and the total mail piece count.
If your mailing differs from these criteria, contact Bulk Mail. Permit imprint mailings may also include for-profit bulk mailings. Contact Bulk Mail for information regarding the wording of the permit if having it printed. We will process already-prepared mailings from departments, and use either Permit 45 or the department’s own permit. If needed, postage can be applied by metering, provided the mail piece is machineable.

Mailing Services delivers Permit 45 mail to the Post Office and maintain an account to pay the postage due on it. Do not deliver your permit mail to the Post Office; it must go through Mailing Service and have the proper forms signed and submitted.

Permit 844

This permit is used for reply mail. The business reply format has very precise specifications. Please check with Mailing Services before varying in any way from the prescribed format—including adding design elements to the mailer side of a card or envelope.

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