Mail piece endorsements

Postal endorsements are instructions printed below a return address. They tell the Postal Service whether, if the mailing address is incorrect or the recipient has moved, to forward the mail piece or return it to the sender.

Return service requested

“Return Service Requested” tells the Postal Service to return the mail to you and is the most cost-effective endorsement. When you use it, the Postal Service returns First-Class and Standard mail and gives the reason for nondelivery. There are no additional fees for returning First-Class mail. However, the appropriate single-piece postage is charged for Standard mail.

Address service requested

“Address Service Requested” tells the Postal Service to forward the mail to the addressee for twelve months following a move. You will receive a separate notice of the new address and be charged a seventy-cent address correction fee for First-Class and Standard mail. After twelve months or if the piece is undeliverable, the Postal Service returns the mail to you at no charge, with the new address or the reason for nondelivery attached on First-Class mail. It charges the weighted fee for Standard mail.

All endorsements must

  • have a minimum 8-point type size,
  • must stand out clearly against the background,
  • have a 1/4-inch clear space above, below, and on both sides,
  • and be located below return address, immediately above delivery address, left of the postage area and below any rate marking, or below postage area and below any rate marking.

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