Bulk mail processing services

Address cleansing

The Postal Service requires all mailings that claim discounted rates to have their address files cleansed through an approved software program every 95 days Many departments that maintain their own files and generate labels will not be in compliance, which will result in higher postage rates.


Central Mail customers provide us with address files; we then spray the addresses onto the mail pieces using a VideoJet system. Some customers maintain their own address data files, but most who send mailings to UI constituents obtain the data from Human Resources, the Alumni Association, or the UI Foundation. Address lists can also be obtained through UI Benefits and ITS services. If you have your own mailing list, you must update these files regularly.


Collating of multi-part mailings is available.


Central Mailing Services offers a folding service for your mail pieces. The letter fold and single fold are most common. Items with a z-type fold must be hand inserted into an envelope; the charges will increase the cost of your mailing.


Automatic: #9, #10, and 6x9-inch envelopes with a top flap.

Manual: flat-size envelopes (9x12, 10x13, and 11x15 inches). There are additional charges for manual inserting, but you will save time by not doing it yourself.

Mail piece design

Our staff will consult with individuals and departments on proper mail piece design, and we are always happy to review proofs and offer suggestions that can help you receive better postage rates. Please contact us when you are beginning a new project.


We provide automatic sealing of standard #9 and #10 gummed envelopes, and 6x9-inch envelopes with a top flap. Nest the envelopes together and stand them upright with the flaps open if you order sealing. Do not close the flaps—you’ll be charged for the time we spend opening them. Flat envelopes can also be sealed.


We use translucent tabs to seal self mailers (mail pieces that are not in envelopes). Adding tabs can qualify mail pieces for savings on postage. Staples should never be used as closures

VideoJet service (ink-jet addressing)

VideoJet spraying allows us to spray an address and barcode directly onto each mail piece. This gives your department the opportunity to save money on hand-labeling and postage expenses.

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