Bar codes for bulk and business reply mail

The U.S. Postal Service requires bulk and business reply mailpieces to display a valid barcode for postage discounts, processing, and delivery. It is phasing in a new "intelligent mail barcode" that holds more information, occupies less space on mailpieces, and provides improved speed and accuracy of delivery than older barcodes.

UI Printing and Mailing prints new barcode

In the past it has been possible for individuals to print a barcode with software such as Microsoft Word. Now, however, only organizations that hold an account with the Post Office may generate the new barcode. Mailing Services owns such an account. It uses AccuZIP software not only to generate the new barcode, but also to clean address files, presort mailings, and prepare statements for the Post Office. Most outgoing UI bulk mail and new business reply mailpieces have the intelligent mail barcode printed on them.

bar codes

Use reply mail with old barcodes soon

The Postal Service has extended its deadline for the phasing period, which was to end in May 2011. Departments that have mailpieces with the old barcode in stock should be sure to use them up so that, when the new deadline is announced, they will not be left with unusable mailpieces.

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