Address file preparation

Use the correct format, illustrated below for campus and off-campus mail, to save your department money and speed the processing time. Create a spreadsheet that has the columns shown, in the same order. When you have finished compiling the list, send it to Central Mail using the link in the navigation bar above.

Campus mail

Include a department name, room number, and building abbreviation. If any of these is missing, neither Campus Mail nor the UIHC Mail Room staff will deliver the piece. A text description of the following two images is provided on a separate page.

Address file format: Campus Mail

Off-campus mail

For off-campus mail, a street address is mandatory. It may contain locational information, such as suite (STE) or building (BLDG), but must not contain department names, subtitles, or “in care of ....”.

Address file format: off-campus mail

Spell out cities. The address-checking software will not accept IC for Iowa City or NY NY, for New York City, for example. Use the correct nine-digit ZIP code, with a hyphen between the first five and last four digits. Any personal or confidential information should be removed. Delete items that you don’t want printed as part of the address.

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