Address cleansing

USPS requires clean addresses

The Postal Service requires that all presorted or automated mailings use address lists that are updated through an approved address cleansing method in order to receive postage discounts. It also requires that mailers show proof that their lists have been updated within ninety-five days before mailing.

If you maintain an address database and apply your own labels to a bulk mailing, then submit it without first cleansing the list, you will not be eligible for a presort or automated discount. Your mailing charge will be the single-piece, first-class rate—42 cents or more, depending on the weight of the piece.

UI Mailing Services can help

Mailing Services can cleanse your address list with an approved software that cross references the addresses with a current U.S. Postal Service database. The addresses are automatically updated, and you are notified of the updates. The updated addresses are applied to your outgoing mailpieces.

Using updated mailing addresses will save you money not only through better postage rates, but also by ensuring that none of your mail pieces are returned for improper or incorrect addresses. Address corrections from the Postal Service can cost 70 cents per returned mail piece, plus additional postage in some instances. Call Bulk Mail at 384-3809 with questions or to make arrangements for address file cleansing.

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