Self-service copying on campus

Copy Center Services oversees the coin- and card-operated copiers in the Main Library, the Hardin Library for Health Sciences, and the following departmental libraries: Art, Sciences, Business, Engineering, and Music. All copiers are stocked with white, 20-lb bond.

The copiers can be operated with rechargeable VendPrint cards. Call the Course Pack and Copyright Service, 335-3410, to obtain them. After the credit on the cards has been depleted, they can be recharged on the copiers for up to $5 credit. The cards may be recharged by sending a requisition or m-number to the Course Pack Service.

Use only VendPrint cards in the copiers. The cards are designed and magnetized for these copiers, and the copiers are equipped to accept them exclusively. Credit, debit, and ID cards do not work and will disable the machine.

UI Copy Centers
180 Boyd Law Building, 335-9138, fax 335-9984,, map
162 Mossman Building, 335-2699, fax 384-3707,, map
C102 Pappajohn Business Building, 335-0861, fax 353-2733,, map