Instructions for exam printing order form

Date in

Enter the date you deliver your test originals to the Copy Center.

Due date

Enter the date you want to pick up your test copies or have them delivered. Please allow three full working days for the Centers to print your exam (five days during finals week and the week prior).

Total # of copies

Total number of test books you are ordering.

F/B or one-sided

Indicate whether your test should be printed front-to-back or one-sided. The default is to print multiple-choice tests front-to-back and essay and short-answer one sided. You may designate page numbers if your test has multiple formats.

Forms A, B, C, D

If you have multiple test forms, indicte how many copies of each form should be printed. The total for all forms should equal the total number of copies.

Contact phone #

Provide a phone number where you can be reached if there are questions about your printing request.

Job ticket completed by

Provide the name of the person completing the job ticket.


If your department or college has a central delivery service for tests, check the appropriate box. If your college or department sends a runner to pick up tests, print the name of your department or college.

Special instructions

You may choose to have test books and full-size answer sheets numbered; full-size answer sheets inserted under the front cover; test forms printed on different colors of paper; scratch paper included with each test book; and pages that are not collated or stapled into the test book. If you want full-size answer sheets inserted into the test books, you must bring them with your test originals to the Copy Center. Answer sheets are available from the Evaluation and Exam Service, and from test processing offices in some departments and colleges.

Provide the name of your department and college. Enter the account number (M-number) that your department uses for Copy Center work. Your departmental administrator can provide this number or establish a new one with the Printing Department’s accounting office.

Copy Center use only

Do not complete any information in this box.

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