Exam printing

The Copy Centers provide a secure, timely exam printing service for the University. The Evaluation and Examination Service provides answer sheets on request, and the Copy Centers will insert full-size answer sheets into test books if they’re included with the originals when the order is placed.


These deadlines are based on the Registrar’s exam schedule. Please allow three full working days for the Centers to print your exam, except during finals week and the week prior. Allow five days at these times. Final exams must be submitted for printing according to the schedule below. Timely completion of your job is not guaranteed unless these deadlines are met.

Fall semester 2011

For completion on Submit copy-ready originals by
Friday, December 9 Friday, December 2
Monday, December 12 Monday, December 5
Tuesday, December 13 Tuesday, December 6
Wednesday, December 14 Wednesday, December 7
Thursday, December 15 Thursday, December 8
Friday, December 16 Friday, December 9

Copy Centers exam printing
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