Custom academic course packs

Course packs are the custom educational materials that many faculty members publish to supplement or replace textbooks. They contain combinations of original manuscripts, published journal articles, book excerpts, photographs, or illustrations.
course packs


Our one-source service is seamless: you can send electronic files to us through the web from your computer. We’ll scan and merge hard copy with digital files, print and bind the document, burn supplementary CDs for your students, and electronically archive the document for future use. We can then retrieve it for revisions at any time. Course packs are shelved along with textbooks at the University Book Store, but we can make arrangements to sell the finished material directly to your students at no extra charge if you wish.

Quick reorders

Archived course packs can be reprinted quickly, typically within 24 to 48 hours and sometimes less, and delivered before class begins. This allows you to provide students with the most current information available.


We provide a neatly bound or packaged document that compares favorably with the costs of the alternatives - students either download and print the files themselves or purchase them from a commercial copy shop. And, by keeping your business on campus, you are directing funds back into the University, because the Book Store’s proceeds are returned to students through scholarship programs and improvements. We also provide your desk copies free of charge.

Copyright service

We’ll contact copyright holders to obtain permission to reproduce any copyrighted material you’ve used, saving you time and money and ensuring that proper copyright procedures are met.

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