Copyright permission service

When you use our Course packs and Copyright Service, we obtain permission from publishers for you to use their copyrighted material. We become your liaison with the publishers, making payments, submitting reorders, and maintaining records.

Be accurate

Please provide accurate bibliographic citations. Contact us to send you the forms you’ll need to complete, and feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Have patience

We process as many requests as possible online with the Copyright Clearance Center, or fax when necessary to expedite responses. However, we need to have your articles and bibliographic information as soon as possible—because we are not in control of the publisher’s response time.

One-time use

Permission to reproduce material is granted for one-time use only. A new request must be submitted each time the material is used. Additionally,
  • Most publishers will not allow excessive portions (i.e. more than 10%) of books currently in print to be copied, even for educational purposes.
  • All publishers and copyright holders expect their works to be accurately cited, usually on the first page of the article. We will add statements such as “Reprinted by permission” or any additional information specified by the copyright holder. The original citation should already be included with articles and excerpts when we receive them.
  • Copyright permission is only granted for works copied as they originally appeared. You may retype articles to be copied, but please include the citation of the original articles so we can accurately and efficiently petition the copyright holders

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